Thursday, July 01, 2010

Part 2 - English 4 Business: Membina Perhubungan

Hari ni Cikgu Asrol nak ajar bagaimana membina perhubungan dalam bisnes. Ini bermakna percakapan kita mengenai perhubungan semasa dalam pejabat dan rakan kongsi. Baiklah, ikuti frasa berikut dan cuba hafal.

Frasa Berguna
Do you know any potential suppliers in the KL area?
There are a few I can recommend.   |    There are quite a lot.
Not very many.    |    Very few.
Do you have any other contacts in Melaka?
Do you know everyone who supplies copiers?
Yes I do.    |    No, I'm afraid I don't.

We have a lot of contacts in KL.
And I have a few very good contacts in Terengganu.
I know several people who could help you.
I'm afraid we have very few contacts in that area.

What's your accountant like?
I can recommend her.
She's very efficient.
She's reliable and hard-working.
She's really good to work with.

Let me give you some other names and addresses.
I'll give you letter of introduction.

We met a couple of days ago.
Last week.    |    The week before last.
Let's meet for lunch on the 10th.
In ten days time.    |    A week on Monday.
I'll see you then.    |    I look forward to it.

Okay, sekian untuk hari ni. Moga frasa ni berguna untuk korang semua..
Terima kasih kerana membaca Sila ke untuk info menarik

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