My Blurbs

Name:Just call me Asrol Mania
Birthdate:28 Julai ....
Birthplace:Kuala Terengganu
Current Location:From kuala to Hulu Langat
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black + GreyHair
Weight:(just cry..)
Piercings:No need.. And I hate see a man have it.
Tatoos:Yes.. A lot.. (scar)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:Both i have.. How many..
Overused Phrase:Have fun
Food:Chicken, Cake, Chocolate
Candy:Not really but must colorful
Number:1144 (Don't know why but always notice that)
Color:Red + Black
Animal:Cat (have one but sold to make it happy)
Drink:Milk based.. Anything..
Alcohol Drink:Have think to try
Bagel:Soft regular doughnut
Body Part on Opposite sex:Boobs

    THIS OR THAT....

Pepsi or Coke:Both i don't like.. But better Coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing:Err... KFC? Ok.. I more to McDonalds
Strawberry or Watermelon:Strawberry plus milk can?
Hot tea or Ice tea:If hot tea, i will put ice in
Chocolate or Vanilla:Vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:Hot Chocolate
Kiss or Hug:Can i add french kiss?
Dog or Cat:Dog but i can't touch i as well
Rap or Punk:Rap
Summer or Winter:Winter
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:Scary movie even i coward
Love or Money:Money can get love

Bedtime:Must before 12am. If not, can't sleep as well
Most Missed Memory:When I'm kid
Best physical feature:My fingers..
First Thought Waking Up:Money.. Yup.. How much i have.. Haha..
Goal for this year (2012):Reduce my debt..
Best Friends:Too many.. If i list one, another one will sad
Weakness:Too kind..
Fears:Alone in the dark..
Heritage:My past life

    HAVE YOU.......

Ever Smoked:Yes.. Sometimes.. In social life
Pot:What u mean?
Ever been Drunk:Never.. May forever..
Ever been beaten up:Yes.. The worst is 2012 till operate my ear..
Ever beaten someone up:Before I answer previous question
Ever Shoplifted:Yes.. Kid life..
Ever Skinny Dipped:If i can do in Malaysia..
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:Shhhh.. Yes.. Don't tell my mom..
Been Dumped Lately:Nop.. I do it to someone, yes..

    IN A GUY/GIRL....

Favorite Eye Color:Black
Favorite Hair Color:Black
Short or Long:Long
Height:Not to short, tall but not over me
Style:Simple and funny
Looks or Personality:Soft, Muslimah but not too conservative
Hot or Cute:Cute much better than hot person
Drugs and Alcohol:Very hate girl with this type
Muscular or Really Skinny:Not too skinny


Number of Regrets in the Past:Too much...
What country do you want to Visit:Rome.. (Please bring me there free)
How do you want to Die:Heart attack when I in Solat
Been to the Mall Lately:The Mines
Do you like Thunderstorms:Yes but from far..
Get along with your Parents:After Aidilfitri 2012, bring them eat Steamboat
Health Freak:Ice Cream
Do you think you're Attractive:Yes even I'm not perfect
Believe in Yourself:When last minute / desperate to do something
Want to go to College:I do..
Do you Smoke:Not seriously, in social life maybe
Do you Drink:Yes.. Milk shake much better.. Hahaha
Shower Daily:I must, sometimes 4 / 5 perday
Been in Love:Many times. Always no longer
Do you Sing:Just in dreams to be singer. In toilet, yes i do
Want to get Married:Ofkos.. I want my own childs
Do you want Children:Yes... 4 or 5.. Boys more than girls..
Have your future kids names planned out:Can't thinks for this while
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:Already lose in tragedy.. :)
Hate anyone:How Many.. MayB This Reader...
Asrol Mania

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